Thank you to all our passionate care sector professionals for joining our latest Support Worker Collective!

Our collective goal is to create sustainable social impact and continue solving our mammoth challenge of an ageing population. Listen to more about the Support Worker Collective:

We were so grateful that our passionate care professional attendees wanted to share their immediate challenges facing our providers and support workers, including:
  • Keeping up to date day by day as news changes with COVID. Balancing act everyday
  • How to best support our managers to nurture and retain our Support Workers on the front line
  • Meeting demands Victoria right now, however meeting demands over next 1 to 30 years is an equal challenge!
  • Ensuring accountability of providers to be robust and consistent in governance from facility to facility
  • Support workers have limited financial savings as they head into retirement
  • Focusing on better utilisation of Support Workers through better rostering and recruiting the right people
  • Large staff turnover, however maintaining turnover during COVID. Finding the right people with the right skill sets.
  • 80,000 support Workers estimated to return in next 5 years, whilst demand continues to grow
  • If one of our facilities are stood down with a COVID outbreak, challenging to find a B team to replace
  • Meeting growth large demands, whist support worker attrition is moving us in the other direction

We then heard from Bridgeview Care’s strategic recruitment specialist and director, Ruairi Flynn, on a powerful case study in solving support worker attrition at scale:

Finally, we were fortunate to then hear the experiences and opportunities in leveraging a migrant workforce as part of your support worker strategy from Bridgeview Care’s migration law specialist, Sofia Maniam:

Looking forward to seeing you all at the next Support Workforce Collective breakfast event (or webinar as is most likely over the coming 6 months!). 🙂